Boxing Day 2022 in Australia | When is the Boxing Day

Boxing Day is very special Day for all Australian people. Every year Boxing Day has celebrated by Austrain people. When Boxing Day occurs every year, all dates have been available here.

Boxing Day in Australia is celebrated as the festival of secular harmony which brings the different religions of the country together. The day is celebrated just after the day of Christmas across the majority of the European continent nations which have the British influence upon them. You can here check out the dates of Boxing Day 2022 to mark it on your calendar so that you can celebrate it in the best possible manner.

Date Day Holiday Year
26/Dec Wed Boxing Day 2018
26/Dec Thu Boxing Day 2019
26/Dec Sat Boxing Day 2020
26/Dec Sun Boxing Day 2021
Date Day Holiday Year
26/Dec Mon Boxing Day 2022
26/Dec Tue Boxing Day 2023
26/Dec Thu Boxing Day 2024
26/Dec Fri Boxing Day 2025
26/Dec Sat Boxing Day 2026
26/Dec Sun Boxing Day 2027
26/Dec Tue Boxing Day 2028
26/Dec Wed Boxing Day 2029
26/Dec Thu Boxing Day 2030
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