Halloween 2022 in Australia | When is the Halloween

Halloween is very special Day for all Australian people. Every year Halloween has celebrated by Austrain people. When Halloween occurs every year, all dates have been available here.

Halloween or the Happy Halloween Day is the day of remembering the ancestors or the ones who are departed to the heaven from the families of Australia.

On this day the deceased are remembered by their families across the country and several of the celebrations are conducted in the honour of the departed souls, such as the artworks or the pumpkin craving,playing ghostly pranks etc.

If you want to check out the date of Halloween in Australia then you can check out the same here below in this section.

Date Day Holiday Year
31/Oct Sat Halloween 2020
31/Oct Sun Halloween 2021
31/Oct Mon Halloween 2022
31/Oct Tue Halloween 2023
31/Oct Thu Halloween 2024
31/Oct Fri Halloween 2025
31/Oct Sat Halloween 2026
31/Oct Sun Halloween 2027
31/Oct Tue Halloween 2028
31/Oct Wed Halloween 2029
31/Oct Thu Halloween 2030
31/Oct Fri Halloween 2031
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